A response to increasingly industrialised wine making and viticulture where very little left to nature. Embracing biodiversity and observing nature, the natural wine maker replaces science and technology with tradition and heritage. Fine natural wines are vibrant and alive, and show excitingly diverse personalities (even faults) that are full of emotion.

All our wines are certified and made according to one of the following methods:


Grapes grown without the use of artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.


Enhanced organic farming that treats the vineyard as a living system which interacts with the environment to build a healthy living soil that helps to nourish the vines.


Organic or biodynamic farming with hand harvesting and controlled yields.


Italian certification that promotes environmental sustainability, transparency, and very limited use of agro-chemicals through exhaustive research of soil fertility.

Certified Organic White Wine

Organic Gemstone Chardonnay 2016 McLaren Valley South Australia

Creamy oak aroma with tropical fruit notes

8 / 35

Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2016 The Natural Wine C° Cowra NSW

Tropical and citrus aromas w a hint of fennel

10 / 45

Organic Prosecco DOC La Pria Veneto Italy

Dry, brilliant straw coloured sparkling dry wine with a fresh fruit aroma

13 / 60

Organic Pinot Grigio Doppio Nodo Ardeghi 2016 Veneto Italy

Pear fruit, mineral notes and a creamy texture

12.50 / 50

Organic Chardonnay Catarratto Insolia Altrove Vivera 2016 Sicilia Italy

Fragrances of pear, citrus and tropical fruits. Crisp with long finish.

13.50 / 65

Organic Langhe Favorita Antica Cascina dei Conti Roero 2016 Piemonte Italy

Delicate, fresh and fruity. Evocative of rennet apples and acacia flowers

13 / 60

Organic Garganega 2015 DOC Nicolò Gambellara Veneto Italy

Delicate bouquet of white and citrus fruits


Organic Greco Bianco Alaei 2016 Cirò DOC Senatore Calabria Italy

Peach aroma with citrus fruits overtone


Vermentino Di Ponente DOC 2016 Organic Durin Liguria Italy


Certified Organic Red Wine

Organic Gemstone Merlot 2016 McLaren Valley South Australia

Dry w black plums, marshmallow & red currants notes

8 / 35

Organic Shiraz 2016 The Natural Wine Company Cowra NSW

Raspberry and cherry aroma with a hint of tobacco

10 / 45

Organic Nero di Troia 2015 Gelso Rosa Podere 29 Puglia Italy

Rosé wine with cherry and strawberry aromas

13 / 60

Organic Barbera Pezzalunga IGT Vercesi del Castellazzi 2014 Lombardia Italy

Fresh, full, slightly tart with lingering overtones of wild fruits and vanilla.

12.5 / 50

Organic Sangiovese Superiore Poderi La Berta 2015 Emilia Romagna Italy

Ruby red colour, with soft tannins with a pleasant fragrance of cherry and plum

13 / 60

Organic Primitivo IGT 2014 Avia Pervia Podere 29 Puglia Italy

Full body, plumy and spicy

13 / 60

Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Terre dei Sogni Vivera 2012 Sicilia Italy

Deep red colour, juicy berries and sweet spices with dense tannins

13.50 / 65

Organic Langhe Rosso 2012 Camparo Piemonte Italy

Rich red fruits with sandal wood and light spice balanced acidity

12.50 / 50

Organic Chianti DOCG Casale 2014 Toscana Italy

Supple with cherry fruit and a soft flavoured palate

13.50 / 65

Organic Nebbiolo d’Alba Antica Cascina dei Conti di Roero 2015 Piemonte Italy

Flowery overtones of roses and violets with a fresh berry fruitiness

14 / 70

Organic Nero D’Avola 2015 DOC Cantine Pupillo Sicily Italy

Ruby red, full body and cherry fruit


Organic Nerello Mescalese Etna Rosso DOP Martinella Vivera 2012 Sicilia Italy

Ruby red, spicy and fruity bouquet, balsamic fragrances, savoury and fresh taste


Organic Chianti Riserva Azienda Agricola Casale 2005 Toscana Italy

Full body, long finishing, hint of leather & tobacco